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Forum > English Jokes > refugees and immigrants (old and new)
Hej, a może by tak wstawić swoje zdjęcie? To łatwe proste i szybkie. Poczujesz się bardziej jak u siebie.
hauptmann_kluska Superbojownik od 10 czerwca 2005
2017-03-30 23:19:10 Zgłoś
Who is the refugee?
A person who has lost everything except his accent

A immigrant woman wants to buy some red oranges , called blood oranges
-I want a pound of bloody oranges.
What sort of oranges , dear – asks the greengrocer
Bloody oranges.
Hm.. – he thinks – I see, for juice?
Yes we are.

Sometime later the family has acquired not only better command of English but manners und customs as well. The guy meets his immigrant buddy and starts a conversation, in English on an appropriate topic:
Hi. Lovely day isn’t it? Spring in the air...
Why should I?

Three immigrants to the U. S. were just mastering the language. One was telling the others about the difficulty they were having in attempting to start a family. He said, "I think my wife must be impregnable." The second said," that's not the right word, she is inconceivable". To which the third replied, "You are both wrong she is unbearable."

Darauf kannst du Gift nehmen
Colinek_szczecin Superbojownik od 8 marca 2005 | Glasgow | GG: 2336466
2017-05-04 17:48:35 Zgłoś
But the best joke would be immigrants trying to learn English

I wish I had Felicia's life. That bitch is always going somewhere.
Forum > English Jokes > refugees and immigrants (old and new)
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