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Re: Opowiad[a]nie
LENNOX: Pinokio - Nowy towar korporacji: Kulczyk Trade Wood Drewno Investment Company :diab
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From inner space...
Gulliwer: Your welcome was cold, With reproaches instead dinner, But your eyes were smiling, So I felt like the winner Softly we drifted In pine-wood bed... And strip of the shadow Became thinner and thinner...
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Re: A couple of shorties
kozmat: 1. if a wood truck could chuck wood:> :D:D :):):)
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A couple of shorties
qbek: [a?] :) When a fully-loaded tractor-trailer overturned near our small city, the local newspaper ran a photo of the rig and 48,000 pounds of lumber strewn across the roadway. The caption read: "How much…
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A dirty one...
Mogart: A plane crash in the ocean. There's only 3 survivors. 2 passengers and the stewardess. They get on a deserted island and start on surviving there, waiting for help to come. As weeks passes, one of the…
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Do you know this game? An old one...
mogart: "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" 'Njoy!
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Re: [p] Larson drwalno-bobrzy
Palooh: Dzieńdobry. supported by :grubel Dowitzenia :)
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Re: Translate it
simpul: This is difficult question to answer. The amount of wood that woodchucks would chuck on a given day varies greatly with the individual woodchuck. According to a Wall Street Journal article, New York state…
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Re: Translate it
Aishaa: a odpowiedź ?? he would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood
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