Joe Monster
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Moja łódź podwodna
"Jordana hates any place that could be termed romantic. With this in mind, I took her to one of my favourite industrial estates, for some quality one-on-one time."
1 · 198x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
Moja łódź podwodna
"I wish my life could be more like American soap operas. Then, whenever things got dramatic, you could just fade the picture down and pick things up later."
1 · 205x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
"Maybe it’s impossible for a man like you to understand. But having a respect for my life, a desire for freedom, and an unyielding love for that belief means I can see past any doubts I may have. Putting…
231x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
Gattaca - Szok przyszłości
"I made up my mind to resort to more extreme measures."
2 · 203x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
"To change oneself. My trouble is laziness."
1 · 205x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
Między słowami
"Lip my stockings!"
2 · 203x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
Blade Runner
"Must get lonely here, J.F. … Not really. I MAKE friends. They’re toys. My friends are toys. I make them. It’s a hobby. I’m a genetic designer."
3 · 141x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
Indiana Jones i ostatnia krucjata
"I knew you’d come, but my strength has left me."
1 · 143x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
Bękarty Wojny
"My name is Shosanna Dreyfus and THIS is the face… of Jewish vengeance!"
3 · 218x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu
"Where am I when I’m not in reality or in my imagination? Here’s my new pact to the world: it must be sunny at night and snowy at August. Great things end, small things endure. Society must become…
2 · 170x · rok i 1 miesiąc temu