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A Unique flintlock/snaphaunce revolver,
This interesting pistol is a flintlock revolver possibly dating to the 18th or early 19th century. The revolver features a six chambered cylinder which would have needed to be rotated by hand with each…
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G.R.A.D .22 LR Knife Gun
Note the revolving cylinder at the rear of the handle. The barrel is positioned above the top of the blade in the hilt. No longer in production, very few of these were made. They fall under the AOW (Any…
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S&W Performance Center model 627 ("factory custom" model) with 8-shots cylinder (USA)
Type: Double Action Chamber: .38/44, .357 magnum, .41 magnum, 10mm auto, .44 SW Special, .44 Rem Magnum, .45ACP, .45Auto Rim, .45LC Weight unloaded: wary with model, usually 1 kg plus Length: wary…
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