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Forum > English Jokes > and some smart people sad...
Hej, a może by tak wstawić swoje zdjęcie? To łatwe proste i szybkie. Poczujesz się bardziej jak u siebie.
zgred Superbojownik od 15 października 2002 | dwie przesiadki od Wrocławia | GG: 696969
2005-10-20 13:43:03 Zgłoś
Not all houses are expensive . . . . . just the nice ones.

Rich people have the same problems, just with more zeroes at the end.

It's a good thing that global warming doesn't apply to rich Americans.

It's not what you say; it's what they hear.

Monday is a cruel thing to do to your weekend.

Catholics can do anything they want as long as they feel guilty afterward.

Our biggest problem is that we don't have time to do nothing.

Democracy makes a lot of sense unless the majority of people are fools.

The only difference between us and the guy chattering to himself on the
street is that he does it out loud.

Real marriage begins the day you merge bank accounts.

Football has more to offer than any other religion.

The average American attention span is...

Everyone has that uncle you just can't trust. Mine is Uncle Sam.

No good deed goes unpunished...
_sunshine_ Superbojowniczka od 31 maja 2005 | GG: 3973407
2005-10-20 19:53:26 Zgłoś
Monday is a VERY cruel thing to do to your weekend

Oddam sie w dobre rece
Eisbjorn Superbojownik od 25 grudnia 2004 | Gdynia
2005-10-21 22:28:31 Zgłoś

Forum > English Jokes > and some smart people sad...
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