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Phoenix Video
Phoenix did not have to break the board to advance but he wanted to. While it may have been a struggle, with encouragement, instruction, and lots of love, he overcame and advanced. #FlyhighPhoenix, #Ican, #nevergiveup, #inspiration, #inspirational, #BobbyDixon (14 451x oglądano na YT)
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Dlaczego nowe boeingi się rozbijają? Prościej wytłumaczyć się nie da
To nie jest tylko błąd komputera. To jest skandal!
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The Jaw-Dropping Art of Bull-Leaping
We've all heard of bull riding and bullfighting. But bull-leaping? That's a whole new level of courage (craziness?). For Spaniard José Manuel Medina, however, bull-leaping, or "recorte," is an adrenaline-filled way of life. In recorte competitions, bull-leapers invite charging bulls toward them in order to evade the animals via side-steps, flips and acrobatic turns. A panel of judg(…)
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The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics
The Mystery at the Bottom of Physics
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Jak działa zapalniczka sznurkowa?
Prosta zapalniczka bez gazu czy innego paliwa.
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The sky is not the limit - Johnny FPV
Latanie dronem
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DIY 120 FPS slow-motion Technique
Don't have camera that capable to capture super slow-motion like 120 fps? Then ask your Friend to slow down their movement or Freeze while you'r shooting and you can get Smooth slow-motion or Time Freeze effect on Post Process. Gear : Nikon D3300 (60Fps) Software : Adobe Premiere CC (c) Music : A$AP Ferg - New Level feat Future (Clean) (42 513x oglądano na YT)
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Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?
Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?
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LIVE Train 24/7 Driver View. Train Cab Ride Excellent Winter Norwegian Railway! Beautiful Front Window View on Railway! Subscribe!!! - Next video - RailWay & NoCopyrightSounds - Train Window View / Вид из окна поезда - https://www.youtu(…)
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'Shooting Shaina's Sequence' BTS of Ep. 3 | Kidding | Season 1
A behind-the-scenes look at how the sequence of Shaina’s (Riki Lindholme) transformation, after being inspired by watching “Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time,” was filmed, side-by-side with how the scene played on screen in episode 3. Starring Jim Carrey, Frank Langella, Catherine Keener and Judy Greer. Catch new episodes of Kidding Sundays at 10PM ET/PT, only on SHOWTIME. #Kidding Su(…)
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