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About us

Joe Monster was born in the beginning of a new millennium, in the break of year 2001 in the mission of change world to be a better place by making people happier day by day starting at morning coffee.

His author was not aiming to be famous to all world, he wanted to do just good site which will be his own humor site which would be really funny (in opposite to other boring joke-catalog-sites), with texts coming from people with attitude, imagination, arogance, proud, sense of humor, straight, direct. Texts which will be truly fun, not trying to be like that. Texts which go stright to heart and make huge true ROTFL in soul. Texts entering conscius and creating unconsious extasy. Contaigous like viruses, better than drugs with no destructive side effects.

In 2000 we, rather I used free webhosting account for my second or third home page. It had stupid name (I am still embarassed of this Joke Master). I changed it to Joe Monster in 2001. New articles were added once a week then.

A few months later it appeared that 3 MB is much too little for Joe. He needed something better size and quality, Joe moved to another hosting provider. We paid for it. Wow. Paid account gave him new possibilities - dynamic content. These were times when PHP Nuke emerged. Free content management systems was revolution - there was the first time in history when anyone, literally anyone could have his own porta. It was so exciting, that he had no choice. That was must have for Joe. And it was good decision, with many upgrades we still use this old good engine.

Popularity was growing. People liked it. It was great. Site got its own domain - - like joe monster's orgasm of great, reliable and fast flowing pleasure.

In 2001 joins Pablo Key. It was rather natural process - sooner or later the most busy submitter with his own judgement and similar opinions had to become one of team members. Then joined Iwcia, nice black eyed girl from south, now retired. We were team of three and the rocket was accelerating. We watched the first polish edition of Big Brother, we commented it.

Year 2002 it is continuous growth of popularity and start of server problems. Downloads were closed. Monster's Gallery was closed. It didn't help. Our provider brutally told us good by by shutting down site. We published short webpage with request for help. We are so close to end. And then happend something wonderful. It appeared that people liked us. We got enormous amount of mails from providers, admins, programmers, people sent us money for buying a new server (some even $100!).

That changed everything. We found our strength, we found our weekness. We found new friends. We got new hosting. We were happy, joemonsterism was growing, people were happy.

But it didn't last a whole year. In 2003 we have new hosting with server, we were broke, site was down another week. Again we faced the very end. This caused a decision - we must have reliable hosting provider. But we didn't have huge money to pay for it, without any donations we would die.

Since next months we started donation system restricting access to bandwidth genereting parts of JM - images and jukebox.

We pay for hosting and maintenance with your dontation. Thanks to it we can work, live and give you as much laughter as we can. Thanks to it all forums and articles will be always free for all visitors. Thanks to it we could start english version. Thanks to it we can prepare other new surprises.

Year 2003 is next year of continuos growth. Thousand of people were falling in love in Joe Monster's experience. Many wonderful people joined our team: Whisky, Eidar, Strzelec, Kozak, Reszka, Skrzyd, Saker, Bobesh, Quixote. In 2004 Gondek and Charakterek. Countless other contributed to community fantastic articles and great posts.

These people use their time and vital forces to make this world better.

We are and will be independent from portals. We will be providing with newest texts and pictures from the world wide web and thousands of emails we receive. We will do it everyday and forever. Be sure that as every day sun rises, Joe Monster will bring you something fresh.

Isn't it great that Internet gives us such opportunities and we can all benefit from it?

Joe Monster 25.04.2004

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